1. Lunch containers: Stop buying disposable plastic containers for your lunch and start using jars! You might have to squish your sandwich a bit, but other lunch foods fit great in jars.
  2. Buying bulk food: We have an awesome weekly routine of packing up jars and bringing them to the local bulk food store for flour, sugar, even peanut butter and jam. Check to see what bulk foods options are available in your city, then pack up your jars and go!
  3. Storing leftovers: Again, rather than using cheap plastic containers, storing leftovers from dinner in glass Mason jars will keep your food from drying out. And as a bonus, it’s easy to grab out of the fridge when you’re making lunch the next day. 
  4. Canning food: If you haven’t explored canning at home, you definitely should. It’s a fun and easy way to preserve fresh food to eat throughout the year. And it’s really easy! Here are some online resources to get you started, but I’d recommend finding a friend or family member to show you the ropes. Also, the USDA has an amazing guide to canning that will show you how to can safely in your home.
  5. As a cup/travel mug: Why spend money on expensive glassware and travel mugs when you can just use Mason jars? Here are some awesome lids that are designed to transform your jar into a travel mug. I put a sock around mine to insulate it and protect my hand from hot coffee!
  6. DIY containers: If you’re making your own cleaners, laundry detergent, deodorant, etc, Mason jars are a great storage system. The smaller jars are amazing for body care products while the big jars work best for detergent or other big batch projects.
  7. Gift wrapping: What better way to save on money and wasted paper than giving gifts in jars? It’s also means the recipient will get a jar they can use in the future as well as your awesome gift!
  8. Storing toys, arts and craft supplies, buttons, widgets, etc.: If you are a maker, or have kids with umpteen million little bits, try storing stuff in the larger jars. Our house uses them for buttons, sewing materials, Lego dudes, and marbles.
  9. Sharing food with friends: Making extra meals for friends is a great way to help out when someone is sick, has recently had a baby or needs some extra care. Or sometimes you’re just in the mood to share! Mason jars are a great no-leak solution that will get food to your friends easily and efficiently.
  10. DIY craft ideas: I could list the million and two craft ideas involving Mason jars, but I’ll just give you this link instead
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