Over the last few years, I’ve developed a saying: the potluck is the best representation of a healthy community. People from all walks of life coming together, sharing with each other, connecting, and enjoying food. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten has been at community potlucks. Everyone makes their best dish to share so the pickings are always amazing!

Potlucks are an awesome, non-threatening way to connect with friends and neighbours; meet new people or see old friends when life gets too busy. We all make time to eat, so why not do so together!

Another great way to share meals with friends and neighbours is a meal share. I’ve heard of a couple of different types of meal share: 

  • Where one family makes a whole meals for a group of families and the cooker rotates on a regular schedule
  • Where different families contribute to each meal, while other families have a “week off”
  • Where many families come together to cook meals for a family who needs some support

Whatever type of meal share works for you and your community, these types of systems can be an easy way to get healthy and fresh food on a more regular basis. It’s also a great way to try out new food that you may have never cooked with before.

If you’re looking to start some kind of regular potluck or meal share, start small and let it grow naturally! Talk to a friend or two to get the ball rolling and find a schedule that works well for you. If it’s successful, you’ll likely find more friends that want to get involved. Using social media or group chats like a Facebook group is an easy way to connect and organize. Remember to share your recipes and ingredients as well!

If multi-family meal sharing seems like too much to manage, remember that you can always just invite some friends over to share some food. Just after writing this post, some new friends invited us over to share a lovely Sunday brunch. We got a chance to sit and chat and share stories while the kids played afterwards. It was a really good reminder that even small actions and events can go a long way towards creating a better community.

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