So far, most of our weekly topics have covered ways to become more personally or individually resilient. But what about community resilience? What might it look like to become more environmentally friendly as a city or neighbourhood?

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of connecting to my community through my local neighbourhood group as well as the Transition Movement initiative in Guelph (Transition Guelph). The experience was been so wonderful that I feel the need to share some of the benefits that we have felt as a family:

  • When in need: whether you need to borrow an egg from your neighbour or need a couch to crash on in times of emergency, it is wonderful to know that someone is there to help!
  • You’re not alone: there are other people out there trying to make the same changes as you! Share ideas and resources and grow together.
  • New friends: especially if you have kids, you’ll know the value of have friends within walking distance of your home.
  • Renewed energy: I’m 100% introverted, but even I feel recharged and inspired after attending community events. There’s something energizing about seeing community come together for the forces of good!
  • An extra pair of hands: need help with a DIY project or some expertise to get a job done? Looking for a babysitter or help making dinner when you’re sick? Your community will often have people that want to help out when you need them the most.
  • Helping those in need: getting connected to your community often means volunteering. There’s no shortage of opportunities to help those less fortunate in your neighbourhood. 

If you’re looking ways to get started and are feeling nervous about knocking on the neighbour’s door, take a look for local community groups in your area. Volunteering is an easy way to help those in need while connecting with other like-minded people. Another idea is to look for local meetups based on a topic or hobby like a knitting group or recreational sports team. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could always throw a block party! There are a few neighbourhoods in Guelph that have street parties during the warmers months and it’s a blast. Taking the time to connect with others will be well worth the effort, I promise!

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