We all look for different ways to unwind. Hobbies are a healthy way to relieve stress and relax with some self care. One of the changes that really inspired me to become more environmentally friendly was when I started picking up hobbies that taught me how to make things on my own. I found that there was a mental switch when I started to learn how to produce rather than consume. There is a rewarding feeling when you look at an object that you made yourself rather than one purchased at a store: a feeling of accomplishment that beats out “shopping therapy” any day.

Here are some examples:

  • knitting,
  • baking,
  • wood working,
  • canning,
  • weaving,
  • tinkering,
  • fixing,
  • cooking,
  • sewing

Another way of looking at this week’s topic might be that you are “reskilling” – learning those skills that most of our grandparents knew how to do. Taking the time to learn these skills is not only fun, but also helps you become more resilient in your life.

Lots of cities have local workshops that will help you learn new crafts or skills, but if you can’t find workshops happening in your area, Craftsy is a great resource for learning new skills. The website features online video classes for a variety of topics from spinning wool to baking bread taught by professionals in the industry. I’ve taken a few classes and it’s a great investment as you can access the videos for reference again and again. Almost as good as in person!

The beautiful thing about learning the DIY skills is that you are investing in practical, real life skills that you can use for the rest of your life, that you can pass on to friends, family, and children, inspiring others as well!

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