They say that learning is half the battle and that saying rings true when exploring how our actions affect the planet. Environmental struggles like climate change and peak oil can seem huge and disconnected from changes we can make in our day-to-day activities. I like the term “being green” because it’s a light-hearted and positive way to talk about some really, really serious problems that we are facing as a human race. Sometimes it can get downright frustrating when you start looking at the big picture.

I’ve found that small scale positive actions are one way to fight the bigger battles. For me, “being green” is about taking ownership of my life and my actions and committing to making change for the better.

When I started learning about topics like peak oil, climate change, economic instability, and social inequality, I really started to see how all these problems are linked together, and how changes I make in my life can have a real impact. Here’s a great clip from In Transition 2.0 that helps explain (I’d recommend watching until 3:42 but honestly the whole movie is wonderful).

As Samadi so eloquently explains, peak oil, climate change, and economic crisis are all linked. When you consider the rising cost of living, and what’s involved in people having access to the resources they need, it’s easy to imagine how social equality issues find their way into the loop as well.

Without throwing too much heavy stuff your way on week one, I believe it’s really important to understand these issues so you can understand why the changes you make are so essential! Let the frustration be a motivation for your changes and guidance when you’re looking to make your decisions every day about what to buy, how to get around, how to spend your time, and how to live your life.

Here’s some great resources that can help you learn more:

There’s lots more out there. Let me know if you know of a great resource that has helped you learn more about these issues and I’ll add it to the list for future emails.

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