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Week 46: Plant Trees

This week won’t be for everyone but it’s something everyone should consider if you have the space. Trees do some pretty amazing things and planting them on your property around your home can have some seriously awesome consequences.

  • Trees are beautiful: everytime I catch my 2 year old gazing out the window, I ask him what he’s looking at. He always says trees. And it’s true, I also often find myself staring at the branches and leaves and the beauty they provide. Aside from random adoration, the beauty factor also increases your property value.
  • Trees provide shade: In the summer, trees can help cool your house and give you a break if you’re outside in the heat. In the winter, those same trees (and shrubs) can help keep your house warm by providing an insulating layer even outside your home.
  • Trees provide habitats for wildlife: Birds and other small creatures find homes and food from trees, and even make a great habitat for little people in your life through tree houses!
  • Trees help us breath: Trees clean the air and give off oxygen, store carbon, and help recycle moisture in the atmosphere. We literally couldn’t exist here without them.

Planting trees isn’t as hard as you might think. There are some simple things to keep in mind if you’re ready to take the next steps:

  1. Remember that certain trees thrive in certain environments. Some trees like loose, sandy soil and others live damp, nutrient-rich soil. Some trees will do well in high wind locations while others won’t. Some trees like more water and others prefer a dryer climate.
  2. Make space for your tree to grow. Choose a type of tree that can grow well in the space you have available. Don’t forget about your utility lines!
  3. Plant your trees at the right time. You can plant deciduous trees in the spring as soon as the frost is gone. Conifers shouldn’t be planted until after the deciduous trees have opened their leaves in the spring, or you can wait until the fall right up until October.
  4. Care for your tree. Watering, fertilizing, staking and pruning trees as necessary are all great ways to ensure that your tree will thrive.

TreeCanada has a great resource guide to help you get started if you’re ready to plant a tree on your property: OMAFRA has some great instructions if you’re thinking about planting fruit trees:

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