Week 51: Do something, anything.

I’ve been struggling with how to wrap up this year of tips for living a more eco-friendly existence. I’m still learning so much about environmentalism everyday, about how to not aim for perfection, about how to be patient and understanding of others who live in a different perspective. So this week, rather than telling you what your next step should be, I’m leaving it in your hands.

But please, do something – anything you want. There are so many different approaches to environmentalism and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution for everyone out there. To borrow an amazing quote from a very inspirational woman, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

So the important part here is to take a step forward in a positive way that aligns with your values and your life. It may be revisiting one of the previous weeks that we’ve covered or it may be a new tip or trick that you learned from a friend. It may be trying a new vegan recipe or switching to an eco-friendly household cleaner. Maybe it’s just going to a walk to connect with nature. If you’re totally stuck, take the next ten minutes and do some research on the internet. 

The flip side, of course, is that you do nothing. And nothing is exactly what it feels like too many of us have been doing for too long. Doing nothing is sort of what got us to this place in the first place. After all, we’ve known about climate change for years and it’s taken some serious climate catastrophes and warnings from climate scientists to make us sit up and take notice. Some of us out there still don’t want to do anything about it and continue on our current trajectory which could be catastrophic. So something, my friend, is 100x better than doing nothing at all. 

Take a baby step or a giant leap, whatever works for you. Maybe that baby step will start your very own giant leap!

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