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Week 31: DIY Toothpaste

Ok folks – another super simple DIY recipe that will blow your mind. I only started this one last month and I’m loving it so far – Toothpaste!

Why toothpaste? Your usual store bought brands have a bunch of extra ingredients that some people say aren’t great for our health. I found one site that claimed that one tube of toothpaste has enough sodium fluoride to seriously harm a toddler.Yikes.

Plus the plastic packaging, plus the money you can save, plus how easy it is and how good it makes your teeth feel… convinced yet?

Here’s the recipe:

Mix equal parts coconut oil and baking soda. Optionally add essential oil of preference.

TADA! I make mine without essential oils (because I didn’t have any on hand) and it took a day or two to get used to the baking soda taste. Other recipes call for option items like benzoate clay or activated charcoal. You can find those at your local health food store if needed.

Honestly, after a week, my teeth feel amazing. They look whiter and there’s no residue after brushing. I just add a bit of water on my brush and scoop some of the homemade toothpaste onto the brush.

Remember, their won’t be that foaming action that you’re used to and the flavour will be a bit of a shocker but once you’re used to it, there’s no turning back!

If you’re looking to experiment with different options, here are some other recipes that you might give a try:

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