52 Weeks

Welcome to the next 52 weeks of your life! If you’re ready to start, you can make one change a week to have a full year of tanglible, small scale change that will make your life better, happier, and save the environment at the same time.

If you’re more inclined to stick with it by weekly emails, you can always subscribe here. If you’d rather take your time to look through all there articles, here we go!

Week 1: Learn About The Problems We Face

Week 2: Drink Tap Water

Week 3: Stop Littering. Period.

Week 4: Make Your Lunch.

Week 5: Find an Alternative to Plastic Bags.

Week 6: Eat Dinner at Home

Week 7: Recycle!

Week 8: Buy Second Hand

Week 9: Top 10 Ways to Use Mason Jars

Week 10: Eat Local

Week 11: Shop Local

Week 12: Change Your Perspective

Week 13: Donate Instead of Throwing Away

Week 14: Source Local, Sustainably Grown Food

Week 15: Stop Buying “Stuff”

Week 16: Regift

Week 17: DIY Laundry Detergent

Week 18: Compost!

Week 19: Hang Your Laundry

Week 20: Learn to Fix Things

Week 21: DIY Hobbies

Week 22: Connect the Dots

Week 23: Grow Your Own Food

Week 24: Backyard Chickens

Week 25: DIY Deodorant

Week 26: Share Tools

Week 27: Learn to Can Food

Week 28: Choose Sustainable Businesses

Week 29: Ride a Bike

Week 30: Connect to your Community

Week 31: DIY Toothpaste

Week 32: Use Rain Barrels

Week 33: Share Meals

Week 34: Share Your Stories

Week 35: Go Vegetarian

Week 36: Carpool

Week 37: Lower Impact Vacations

Week 38: Avoid Single Use Items

Week 39: Work Where You Live

Week 40: DIY Body Care Products

Week 41: Connect with Nature

Week 42: Carsharing

Week 43: Live Intentionally

Week 44: Go Trashless

Week 45: Live Tiny (or Smaller!)

Week 46: Plant Trees

Week 47: DIY Continued!

Week 48: Retrofit Your Home

Week 49: Invest in Solar Panels

Week 50: Buy Nothing New

Week 51: Do something, anything.

Week 52: Keep It Going